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Stitch marker storage boxes, penannular brooches, necklace pendants, spinning wheel threading hooks, bracelets...pretty much anything that isn't a stitch marker can be found here. Occasionally.

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Blue Stitch Marker Box 33

Blue Stitch Marker Box

It's a small box for holding stitch markers. Or whatever little doodads you like. Box Dimensions: Approx 1.75 inches / 4 cm in diameter and about .75 inches / 2 cm tall on the outside.


Red Stitch Marker Box 23

Red Stitch Marker Box

It's a box. To hold your stitch markers. Three compartments so you can separate out different sizes or whatever. Box Dimensions: Approx. 3 inches / 7.5 cm in diameter and about .75 inches / 2 cm deep on the outside.


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